A yacht is an upscale boat — often a sailboat — that is used for cruising or racing. If you're on a cargo ship, you're probably at work; if you're on a yacht, it's probably your day off.

While today a yacht is usually a pleasure vessel, and associated with wealth and recreation, its origins are anything but: the word yacht comes from the early modern Dutch jaghtschip, which referred to “a fast pirate ship,” and jacht meant “hunting.” You won’t find many yachts doing any hunting today — but you might find one cruising around the bay or parked at the yacht club. Yacht can also be a verb meaning to travel in a yacht.

Definitions of yacht

n an expensive vessel propelled by sail or power and used for cruising or racing

racing yacht
Type of:
vessel, watercraft
a craft designed for water transportation

v travel in a yacht

Type of:
ride in a boat on water

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