1. wrongdoing departure from what is ethically acceptable
  2. King of Swing United States clarinetist who in 1934 formed a big band (including black as well as white musicians) and introduced a kind of jazz known as swing (1909-1986)
  3. stone facing a facing (usually masonry) that supports an embankment
  4. confusing causing confusion or disorientation
  5. ring snake any of numerous small nonvenomous North American snakes with a yellow or orange ring around the neck
  6. ring finger the third finger (especially of the left hand)
  7. Song of Songs an Old Testament book consisting of a collection of love poems traditionally attributed to Solomon but actually written much later
  8. round dancing a ballroom dance characterized by revolving movement
  9. dog racing a race between dogs
  10. wrongfulness that which is contrary to the principles of justice or law
  11. thank offering an offering made as an expression of thanks
  12. Congo franc the basic unit of money in the Congo
  13. French franc formerly the basic unit of money in France
  14. unconvincing not convincing
  15. menacing threatening evil or danger
  16. harness racing a horse race between people riding in sulkies behind horses that are trotting or pacing
  17. canvassing persuasion of voters in a political campaign
  18. wrong 'un a cricket ball bowled as if to break one way that actually breaks in the opposite way
  19. convincing causing one to believe the truth of something
  20. conveyancing act of transferring property title from one person to another