Anything that's woven is made by braiding or intertwining threads or fibers. Your beautiful woven blanket is extra special because it was made by hand from local wool.

A woven basket is made by interlacing strips of a material — dried grasses, straw, thread, or wood, for example — usually forming a circular base and solid sides. When something is woven, it has a solid form despite its seemingly fragile parts. A heavy woven rug started as individual wool fibers that had to be interlaced to form the thick mat beneath your feet.

Definitions of woven
  1. adjective
    made or constructed by interlacing threads or strips of material or other elements into a whole
    woven fabrics”
    woven baskets”
    “the incidents woven into the story”
    “folk songs woven into a symphony”
    woven by (or as if by) braiding
    (of cloth) made in plain weave
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    not woven
    made by combining fibers with a binder using heat and pressure
    made by intertwining threads in a series of connected loops rather than by weaving
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