The noun workmanship can describe the hard work and skill that go into making something or working at a task — and it can also describe a quality of a handmade object that is skillfully crafted.

You show workmanship when you labor carefully over a project, and the beautiful hooked rug you create also shows workmanship. If your shop teacher admires the workmanship of your wooden footstool, she is complimenting the quality of your work. The fourteenth century meaning of workmanship was simply "laboring," and later it came to include the idea of "skill in work."

Definitions of workmanship

n skill in an occupation or trade

craft, craftsmanship
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skill in domestic management
the skills involved in the work of a priest
skill in writing or staging plays
skill acquired through experience in a trade; often used to discuss skill in espionage
skill in the management of boats
skill in carving or fashioning objects from wood
coup de theatre
a sensational bit of stagecraft
Type of:
accomplishment, acquirement, acquisition, attainment, skill
an ability that has been acquired by training

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