1. woodworking the craft of a carpenter: making things out of wood
  2. wonderworking performing or able to perform wonders or miracles
  3. working a mine or quarry that is being or has been worked
  4. hardworking characterized by hard work and perseverance
  5. Dorking an English breed of large domestic fowl having five toes
  6. overworking the act of working too much or too long
  7. intriguing capable of arousing interest or curiosity
  8. woodworking vise a vise with jaws that are padded in order to hold lumber without denting it
  9. forking the act of branching out or dividing into branches
  10. foregoing especially of writing or speech; going before
  11. iatrogenic induced by a physician's words or therapy
  12. metalworking the activity of making things out of metal in a skillful manner
  13. woodworker makes things out of wood
  14. diverging tending to move apart in different directions
  15. woodwork work made of wood
  16. forgoing the act of renouncing
  17. stroking a light touch with the hands
  18. jerking an abrupt spasmodic movement
  19. water-skiing skiing on water while being towed by a motorboat
  20. teleworking employment at home while communicating with the workplace by phone or fax or modem