The adjective wondrous is a great word to use when you're describing something amazing or delightful. You could talk about the wondrous view of the ocean from the cliffs where you're standing.

There's a hint of magic and awe about the word wondrous. It describes things that inspire wonder, like a wondrous imaginary land or a wondrous display of beautiful, elaborate cakes at a pastry shop. The root is the Old English wundor, "marvelous thing, or object of astonishment." Wondrous is tricky to spell because it's missing the e in wonder.

Definitions of wondrous
  1. adjective
    extraordinarily good or great ; used especially as intensifiers
    synonyms: fantastic, grand, howling, incredible, marvellous, marvelous, rattling, terrific, tremendous, wonderful
    beyond what is ordinary or usual; highly unusual or exceptional or remarkable
  2. adverb
    (used as an intensifier) extremely well
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