Other forms: woks

A wok is a deep, rounded pan that's used for cooking, especially stir frying. If you've eaten at a Chinese restaurant, you've had food cooked in a wok.

A wok is shaped like a big, deep bowl, and while it's most common in South China, it's used all over Asia, and increasingly in the rest of the world as well. The shape of a wok works particularly well for stir frying; the bottom gets much hotter than the sides, and food can be cooked quickly. The word wok comes from Cantonese, and it was first used in English in the mid-20th century.

Definitions of wok
  1. noun
    pan with a convex bottom; used for frying in Chinese cooking
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    type of:
    cooking pan, pan
    cooking utensil consisting of a wide metal vessel




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