Definitions of wildness
  1. noun
    an intractably barbarous or uncultivated state of nature
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    domestication, tameness
    the attribute of having been domesticated
    type of:
    intractability, intractableness
    the trait of being hard to influence or control
  2. noun
    a feeling of extreme emotional intensity
    “the wildness of his anger”
    synonyms: abandon
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    type of:
    passion, passionateness
    a strong feeling or emotion
  3. noun
    the property of being wild or turbulent
    synonyms: ferocity, fierceness, furiousness, fury, vehemence, violence
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    savageness, savagery
    the property of being untamed and ferocious
    type of:
    intensity, intensiveness
    high level or degree; the property of being intense
  4. noun
    an unruly disposition to do as one pleases
    “Liza had always had a tendency to wildness
    “the element of wildness in his behavior was a protest against repressive convention”
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    type of:
    fractiousness, unruliness, wilfulness, willfulness
    the trait of being prone to disobedience and lack of discipline
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