1. wholesomeness the quality of being beneficial and generally good for you
  2. plasma physics the branch of physics concerned with matter in its plasma phase
  3. wholesale house a sales outlet offering goods at a discounted price
  4. awesome inspiring admiration or wonder
  5. wholesomely in a wholesome manner
  6. wholesome characteristic of physical or moral well-being
  7. soleus muscle a broad flat muscle in the calf of the leg under the gastrocnemius muscle
  8. Isle of Skye an island of northwestern Scotland noted for its rugged mountain scenery
  9. Isles of Scilly an archipelago of small islands off the southwestern coast of England near the entrance to the English Channel; formerly a haven for smugglers and pirates
  10. unwholesomeness the quality of being unhealthful and generally bad for you
  11. ill-smelling having an unpleasant smell
  12. pull someone's leg subject to a playful hoax or joke
  13. calcium phosphate a phosphate of calcium; a main constituent of animal bones
  14. economy of scale the saving in cost of production that is due to mass production
  15. Alismataceae perennial or annual aquatic or marsh plants
  16. wholesale price index an index of changes in wholesale prices
  17. symphysis a growing together of parts or structures
  18. emphysema a condition of decreased respiratory function of the lungs
  19. plasmapheresis plasma is separated from whole blood and the rest is returned to the donor
  20. Alismales an order of aquatic monocotyledonous herbaceous plants