Other forms: whiskers; whiskered

A whisker is a thick, bristly hair that grows on an animal's face. Your cat's long whiskers actually help her to navigate in the dark.

You can also call a human's beard whiskers, but the word usually means the stiff hairs on the snout of an animal like a fox, a walrus, or a rat. In fact, most mammals have whiskers — and humans are the only primates who don't have them. This noun can also mean "a tiny amount," like when a disappointed voter says, "The other guy won by a whisker."

Definitions of whisker
  1. noun
    a long stiff hair growing from the snout or brow of most mammals as e.g. a cat
    synonyms: sensory hair, vibrissa
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    type of:
    a filamentous projection or process on an organism
  2. noun
    a very small distance or space
    “they lost the election by a whisker
    synonyms: hair, hair's-breadth, hairsbreadth
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    type of:
    small indefinite amount, small indefinite quantity
    an indefinite quantity that is below average size or magnitude
  3. verb
    furnish with whiskers
    “a whiskered jersey”
    synonyms: bewhisker
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    type of:
    furnish, provide, render, supply
    give something useful or necessary to




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