1. waterworks a public utility that provides water
  2. Automeris io moth
  3. footmark a mark of a foot or shoe on a surface
  4. food market a marketplace where groceries are sold
  5. outmarch march longer distances and for a longer time than
  6. Ozarks an area of low mountains in northwestern Arkansas and southeastern Missouri and northeastern Oklahoma
  7. Tamarix genus of deciduous shrubs or small trees of eastern Mediterranean regions and tropical Asia
  8. meat market a shop in which meat and poultry are sold
  9. watermark distinguishing design impressed on paper during manufacture
  10. Eddy Merckx Belgian racing cyclist who won the Tour de France five times
  11. wet nurse a woman hired to suckle a child of someone else
  12. soft market a market in which more people want to sell than want to buy
  13. earmark give or assign a resource to a particular person or cause
  14. dot matrix a rectangular matrix of dots from which written characters can be formed
  15. OTC market a stock exchange where securities transactions are made via telephone and computer rather than on the floor of an exchange
  16. flea market an open-air street market for inexpensive or secondhand articles
  17. fata morgana a mirage in the Strait of Messina
  18. unit matrix a scalar matrix in which all of the diagonal elements are unity
  19. datemark mark with a date and place
  20. St. Mark Apostle and companion of Saint Peter