1. tidytips California annual having flower heads with yellow rays tipped with white
  2. Oedipus (Greek mythology) a tragic king of Thebes who unknowingly killed his father Laius and married his mother Jocasta; the subject of the drama `Oedipus Rex' by Sophocles
  3. tidy tips California annual having flower heads with yellow rays tipped with white
  4. videotape a relatively wide magnetic tape for use in recording visual images and associated sound
  5. dubious fraught with uncertainty or doubt
  6. wood ibis any of several Old World birds of the genus Ibis
  7. foetid pothos deciduous perennial low-growing fetid swamp plant of eastern North America having minute flowers enclosed in a mottled greenish or purple cowl-shaped spathe
  8. wood pussy American musteline mammal typically ejecting an intensely malodorous fluid when startled; in some classifications put in a separate subfamily Mephitinae
  9. teddy boys a British youth subculture that first appeared in the 1950s
  10. Eumetopias sea lions
  11. autopsy an examination and dissection of a dead body
  12. octopus bottom-living cephalopod having a soft oval body with eight long tentacles
  13. weedless free from weeds
  14. weeds a black garment worn by a widow as a sign of mourning
  15. audiotape magnetic tape for use in recording sound
  16. adipose composed of animal fat
  17. at times now and then or here and there
  18. ADPS a system of one or more computers and associated software with common storage
  19. tweediness looseness or roughness in texture (as of cloth)
  20. fetidness the attribute of having a strong offensive smell