1. web site a computer connected to the internet that maintains a series of web pages on the World Wide Web
  2. website a set of pages on the internet organized as a single unit
  3. opposite being directly across from each other
  4. apposite being of striking appropriateness and pertinence
  5. obesity the condition of being excessively overweight
  6. obsolete no longer in use
  7. episode a happening that is distinctive in a series of events
  8. upside the highest or uppermost side of anything
  9. oboist a musician who plays the oboe
  10. Webster English playwright (1580-1625)
  11. vibist a musician who plays the vibraphone
  12. verbosity an expressive style that uses excessive or empty words
  13. opacity the degree to which something reduces the passage of light
  14. upset cause to lose one's composure
  15. ebonite a hard nonresilient rubber formed by vulcanizing natural rubber
  16. gibbsite white crystalline mineral consisting of aluminum hydroxide
  17. subside wear off or die down
  18. diversity noticeable variety
  19. abused subjected to cruel treatment
  20. deposit the act of putting something somewhere