1. babbitting lining a surface or bearing with Babbitt metal
  2. upsetting causing an emotional disturbance
  3. foreboding a feeling of evil to come
  4. off-putting tending to repel
  5. obviating made impossible
  6. emptying the act of removing the contents of something
  7. bed-wetting enuresis during sleep; especially common in children
  8. sea bathing bathing in the sea or ocean
  9. unbefitting not befitting
  10. forbidding an official prohibition or edict against something
  11. abiding unceasing
  12. betting preoccupied with the pursuit of pleasure and especially games of chance
  13. wetting the act of making something wet
  14. impeding preventing movement
  15. operating involved in a kind of operation
  16. baby sitting the work of a baby sitter
  17. fee splitting payment of part of the fee in return for the referral
  18. befitting appropriate to
  19. babysitting the work of a baby sitter
  20. updating the act of changing something to bring it up to date