1. variometer a measuring instrument for measuring variations in a magnetic field
  2. armature coil in which voltage is induced by motion through a magnetic field
  3. dura mater the outermost (and toughest) of the 3 meninges
  4. worm-eaten infested with or damaged (as if eaten) by worms
  5. firewater any strong spirits (such as strong whisky or rum)
  6. jerkwater small and remote and insignificant
  7. warranter one who provides a warrant or guarantee to another
  8. water meter meter for measuring the quantity of water passing through a particular outlet
  9. foremother a woman ancestor
  10. warm to become excited about
  11. warmer device that heats water or supplies warmth to a room
  12. hard water water that contains mineral salts (as calcium and magnesium ions) that limit the formation of lather with soap
  13. fresh water water that is not salty
  14. gray matter greyish nervous tissue containing cell bodies as well as fibers; forms the cerebral cortex consisting of unmyelinated neurons
  15. freshwater water that is not salty
  16. barometer an instrument that measures atmospheric pressure
  17. farm team a minor-league team that is owned by a major-league team
  18. parameter a constant in the equation of a curve that can be varied
  19. wattmeter an instrument for measuring in watts the flow of power in an electrical circuit
  20. world war a war in which the major nations of the world are involved

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