1. vox populi a belief or sentiment shared by most people
  2. vesicopapule a papule that changes into a blister
  3. wax paper paper that has been waterproofed by treatment with wax or paraffin
  4. expiable capable of being atoned for
  5. townspeople the people living in a municipality smaller than a city
  6. Vespula sometimes considered a subgenus of Vespa: social wasps
  7. genus Popillia a genus of Scarabaeidae
  8. wax palm South American palm yielding a wax similar to carnauba wax
  9. vox angelica an organ stop producing a gentle tremolo effect
  10. Fagus pendula variety of European beech with pendulous limbs
  11. inexpiable incapable of being atoned for
  12. foxtail grasses of the genera Alopecurus and Setaria having dense silky or bristly brushlike flowering spikes
  13. Fagus purpurea variety of European beech with shining purple or copper-colored leaves
  14. Swiss people the natives or inhabitants of Switzerland
  15. genus Pipile genus of large crested guans (the piping guans)
  16. genus Pipilo towhees
  17. genus Populus a genus of trees of the family Salicaceae that is found in the northern hemisphere; poplars
  18. graspable capable of being apprehended or understood
  19. moxie plum slow-growing procumbent evergreen shrublet of northern North America and Japan having white flowers and numerous white fleshy rough and hairy seeds
  20. Vicksburg a town in western Mississippi on bluffs above the Mississippi River to the west of Jackson; focus of an important campaign during the American Civil War as the Union fought to control the Mississippi River and so to cut the Confederacy into two halves

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