Visage is a literary term for referring to someone's face or facial features. You may notice that some face creams use the word visage to try to sound fancier than they are.

A famous use of visage is in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. Brutus says: "O conspiracy/Shamest thou to show thy dangerous brow by night,/When evils are most free? O, then by day/Where wilt thou find a cavern dark enough/To mask thy monstrous visage?" Now there's a quote that will help you remember the meaning of visage, and even give you nightmares.

Definitions of visage

n the human face (`kisser' and `smiler' and `mug' are informal terms for `face' and `phiz' is British)

countenance, kisser, mug, phiz, physiognomy, smiler
pudding face, pudding-face
a large fat human face
Type of:
face, human face
the front of the human head from the forehead to the chin and ear to ear

n the appearance conveyed by a person's face

“a stern visage
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aspect, expression, face, facial expression, look
the feelings expressed on a person's face
poker face
a face without any interpretable expression (as that of a good poker player)
a suggestive or sneering look or grin
light, spark, sparkle, twinkle
merriment expressed by a brightness or gleam or animation of countenance
Type of:
appearance, visual aspect
outward or visible aspect of a person or thing

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