A virgin is someone who has never had sex. After you have sex, you've lost your virginity. We can also say an unharvested forest is a virgin forest.

Virgins haven't had sex yet. But this word is also used in a non-sexual sense to describe something that remains pristine, untouched, or uninitiated. A virgin resource hasn't been used yet. If you've never given a speech, someone might call you a "public speaking virgin." So virgin always means inexperienced or unused, whether you're talking about sex or something else.

Definitions of virgin
  1. noun
    a person who has never had sex
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    type of:
    inexperienced person, innocent
    a person who lacks knowledge of evil
  2. adjective
    in a state of sexual virginity
    synonyms: pure, vestal, virginal, virtuous
    morally pure
  3. adjective
    being used or worked for the first time
    virgin wool”
    not of long duration; having just (or relatively recently) come into being or been made or acquired or discovered
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