Some crimes are unforgivable. Others are venialvenial crimes and sins are excusable. They're not a big deal.

In school, there are so many things that are against the rules: talking during class, tossing spitballs, pulling the fire alarm, stealing a basketball, etc. Something venial would be something against the rules but forgivable. For example, if you were late for school because your parents were in the hospital, that lateness is venial. If you burned the gym down, that could never be considered venial. When you see venial, think "forgivable," "excusable," and "no biggie."

Definitions of venial
  1. adjective
    warranting only temporal punishment
    venial sin”
    synonyms: minor
    admitting of being pardoned
  2. adjective
    easily excused or forgiven
    “a venial error”
    synonyms: excusable, forgivable
    admitting of being pardoned
Commonly confused words

venal / venial

Catholics everywhere are confused: do they commit venal sins or venial sins? And what is a venal/venial sin anyway?

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