A veldt is a wide, grassy plain found in southernmost Africa. Some areas of veldt are used as farmland, while other parts are home to wildlife preserves.

You can visit a veldt, or veld, by traveling to South Africa or Zimbabwe. While you won't see many trees in a veldt, there are plenty of low-lying plants, bushes, and grass. The word is Afrikaans in origin, from the Dutch veld, or "field," and it's commonly used this way in South Africa — there are Highveld and Lowveld areas, as well as rugby fields called "rugbyveldt" and sandy fields known as "sandyveldt."

Definitions of veldt
  1. noun
    elevated open grassland in southern Africa
    synonyms: veld
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    type of:
    land where grass or grasslike vegetation grows and is the dominant form of plant life
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