Other forms: vaguenesses

Vagueness is a state of being unclear or uncertain. The vagueness of your directions won't be very helpful to the lost pedestrian who's trying to find the closest subway station.

If your parents ask what time you went to bed, you might say “nine-ish” and hope they don’t question your vagueness. Vagueness can also be visual, like the vagueness of shapes in the fog. The Latin root of vagueness, vagus literally means "wandering" and figuratively means "vacillating or uncertain."

Definitions of vagueness
  1. noun
    unclearness by virtue of being poorly expressed or not coherent in meaning
    “these terms were used with a vagueness that suggested little or no thought about what each might convey”
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    vagueness attributable to being not clearly defined
    type of:
    incomprehensibility as a result of not being clear
  2. noun
    indistinctness of shape or character
    “the scene had the swirling vagueness of a painting by Turner”
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    type of:
    blurriness, fogginess, fuzziness, indistinctness, softness
    the quality of being indistinct and without sharp outlines
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