If your grasp of physics is vague and you've got a test coming up, it's time to hit the books. When something is vague, it’s unclear, murky, and hard to understand.

Vague comes from the Latin vagus, which means wandering or rambling. Think of a vagabond, someone who wanders around the world with only a vague idea of where he's going. There are a few big, impressive words for vague, including ambiguous, nebulous, and tenebrous.

Definitions of vague
  1. adjective
    lacking clarity or distinctness
    “saw a vague outline of a building through the fog”
    synonyms: dim, faint, shadowy, wispy
    not clearly defined or easy to perceive or understand
  2. adjective
    not precisely limited, determined, or distinguished
    vague feelings of sadness”
    “a vague uneasiness”
    synonyms: undefined
    indefinable, undefinable
    not capable of being precisely or readily described; not easily put into words
    vague or not clearly defined or stated
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    clearly characterized or delimited
    precise; explicit and clearly defined
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  3. adjective
    not clearly understood or expressed
    “"their descriptions of human behavior become vague, dull, and unclear"- P.A.Sorokin”
    “" vague...forms of speech...have so long passed for mysteries of science"- John Locke”
    synonyms: murky, obscure
    not clear to the mind
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