When you stand on a beach and admire the uplifting of a kite into the blue sky, you're watching it move up. Watching that kite rise might be an uplifting, or moving, experience.

Use the noun uplifting to describe the upward movement of something. You could describe the uplifting of a hot air balloon on a sunny day, or the uplifting of a girl's long hair in the wind. The action of something rising is an uplifting. A more common way to use the word is as an adjective describing something that figuratively lifts one's spirits or mood.

Primary Meanings of uplifting

the rise of something
cheerfully encouraging
Full Definitions of uplifting

n the rise of something

“the uplifting of the clouds revealed the blue of a summer sky”
Type of:
ascension, ascent, rise, rising
a movement upward

adj cheerfully encouraging

heartening, inspiriting
giving courage or confidence or hope

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