No, upbraid isn’t what girls get done at a salon before prom. When you upbraid people, you scold them, tell them off, and criticize them. (You could, however, upbraid your stylist after a bad haircut.)

The word upbraid comes from the Old English word upbregdan, which literally means "bring up quickly." Although this word doesn't have anything to do with hair, upbraid and braid are, in fact, related. The original meaning of braid was "to move quickly from side to side," which is what you do with your fingers when you're braiding someone's hair. When you upbraid someone, you're quickly bringing up different reasons why you're mad at them.

Definitions of upbraid

v express criticism towards

Type of:
accuse, criminate, impeach, incriminate
bring an accusation against; level a charge against

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