Use the adjective unwitting to describe someone who doesn't know certain important information, such as unwitting computer users who don't know that an online shopping site is tracking all their activity.

Unwitting can also describe something you do almost automatically, like the unwitting way you double-check that the door is locked when leaving the house. It can also indicate that something is done without intention, like an unwitting arrival at a by-invitation-only event. Wit means "clever," so something that is unwitting is not clever.

Definitions of unwitting
  1. adjective
    not aware or knowing
    “an unwitting subject in an experiment”
    incognizant, unaware
    (often followed by `of') not aware
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    aware or knowing
    aware, cognisant, cognizant
    (sometimes followed by `of') having or showing knowledge or understanding or realization or perception
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  2. adjective
    not done with purpose or intent
    “an unwitting mistake may be overlooked”
    synonyms: unintentional, unplanned
    not deliberate
  3. adjective
    unaware because of a lack of relevant information or knowledge
    “his rudeness was unwitting
    synonyms: ignorant, unknowing, unknowledgeable
    not informed; lacking in knowledge or information
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