Someone who's unwary isn't careful — in fact, an unwary person might be a little bit reckless. When your unwary cousin travels to China, he might end up being overcharged for a rickshaw ride.

When you don't know the potential dangers or challenges that lie in front of you, you're unwary. While unwary people aren't overly suspicious or cautious, they run the risk of being taken advantage of or even getting hurt. To be wary is to be very watchful or cautious — it comes from the Old English root wær, "prudent, aware, or alert," and unwary combines it with un, or "not."

Definitions of unwary

adj not alert to danger or deception

“the shrieks of unwary animals taken by surprise”
“some thieves prey especially on unwary travelers”
“"seduce the unwary reader into easy acquiescence"- O.J.Campbell”
easily tricked because of being too trusting
displaying or feeling no wariness
marked by keen caution and watchful prudence
on guard, on one's guard, on your guard, upon one's guard
wary and distrustful; disposed to avoid persons or things
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