Something untimely has occurred prematurely, and it's usually not good news. If you hear about someone's untimely death, it must mean it was an unexpected death.

When something is timely, it happens at the right time. When something is untimely, it means the opposite: it happened at an unfortunate or unexpected time. Usually, this means it happened much too early. The most common use of this term is probably in discussing someone’s untimely death, meaning they died young. Other disasters that happen to young people might be described as untimely as well.

Definitions of untimely
  1. adjective
    badly timed
    “an untimely remark”
    synonyms: ill-timed, unseasonable, wrong
    not opportune
  2. adjective
    uncommonly early or before the expected time
    synonyms: premature
    at or near the beginning of a period of time or course of events or before the usual or expected time
  3. adverb
    too soon; in a premature manner
    synonyms: prematurely
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