Anything that's untied is freed, loosened, or unfastened from something that was restricting it. Is your shoelace untied? You may want to lace it so you don't trip.

Are your helium-filled balloons untied? Hang on to them, or they'll float away! Did you leave your boat untied at the dock? Careful — it might drift out to sea. There's also a figurative way to be untied, like when your untied thoughts drift freely through your mind before you fall asleep. When you're reading or writing this adjective, it's easy to mistake it for united, which means "joined as one."

Definitions of untied
  1. adjective
    not tied
    synonyms: unfastened
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    fastened, tied
    fastened with strings or cords
    tied with a knot
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  2. adjective
    with laces not tied
    synonyms: unlaced
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    laced, tied
    closed with a lace
  3. adjective
    not bound by shackles and chains
    synonyms: unchained, unfettered, unshackled
    not restrained or tied down by bonds
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