Anything you don't say aloud is unspoken, especially if its meaning is understood anyway. Even though it's not officially allowed, there may be an unspoken understanding that high school seniors will skip school on a certain spring day.

The adjective unspoken refers to thoughts or feelings that are implied even though they aren't voiced out loud. You and your best friends may have an unspoken assumption that you'll sit at the same cafeteria table every day at lunch. And when your parents are in bad moods, you and your sister might have an unspoken agreement that you'll take the dog for a walk together to give them some time to cool off.

Definitions of unspoken
  1. adjective
    expressed without speech
    unspoken grief”
    synonyms: mute, tongueless, wordless
    inarticulate, unarticulate
    without or deprived of the use of speech or words
  2. adjective
    not made explicit
    “some kind of unspoken agreement”
    synonyms: unexpressed, unsaid, unstated, unuttered, unverbalised, unverbalized, unvoiced
    implicit, inexplicit
    implied though not directly expressed; inherent in the nature of something
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