The word unresolved may describe an argument that has not been solved, a question that remains unanswered, or a decision that has not been made — like the title of "Checkers Champion" after a tie game.

The word unresolved is used for a situation that lacks a resolution, or ending. It can also describe unaddressed emotions, such as anger or sadness, as in the unresolved issues you have toward your hamster ever since it bit your finger. The word unresolved can also be used to describe musical dissonance — if you hear a chord in a symphony that makes you think the song isn’t over, the chord is probably unresolved.

Definitions of unresolved
  1. adjective
    not solved
    “many problems remain unresolved
    synonyms: unsolved
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    resolved, solved
    explained or answered
  2. adjective
    not brought to a conclusion; subject to further thought
    synonyms: open, undecided, undetermined
    still in doubt
  3. adjective
    characterized by musical dissonance; harmonically unresolved
    synonyms: dissonant
    inharmonious, unharmonious
    not in harmony
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