Whether it’s an unobtainable career in the NBA, an unobtainable friendship with the Queen of England, or an unobtainable new Japanese video game, the word unobtainable refers to something that you just can’t get.

Unobtainable can describe anything that you can’t get: big or small. The word is often applied to abstract things such as dreams or goals that are out of reach, but it can also describe people. That desirable person who doesn’t love you back? Unobtainable. It can also describe everyday items that can’t be acquired, like the hottest toy of the year that’s unobtainable because it has sold out in every store.

Definitions of unobtainable
  1. adjective
    not capable of being obtained
    “timber is virtually unobtainable in the islands”
    synonyms: inaccessible, unprocurable, untouchable
    not available or accessible or at hand
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