Someone who's unlettered hasn't read many books or spent much time in school. Your unlettered cousin might not understand the Shakespearean quotes you like to throw into conversation.

Use the adjective unlettered to describe a person who is uneducated or ignorant. In countries where it's difficult for girls to get an education, women end up being unlettered. It's generally harder to get a good paying job when you're unlettered. Unlettered is an anglicized form of the word illiterate, and its root is the Latin litteræ, which means "literature or books," and also "learning or schooling."

Definitions of unlettered
  1. adjective
    having little acquaintance with writing
    “special tutorials to assist the unlettered sector of society”
    synonyms: analphabetic
    not able to read or write
  2. adjective
    uneducated in general; lacking knowledge or sophistication
    “exhibiting contempt for his unlettered companions”
    synonyms: ignorant, nescient, unlearned
    not having a good education
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