1. inquisitive given to questioning
  2. anxiety a vague unpleasant emotion in anticipation of a misfortune
  3. in style in the current fashion or style
  4. inquest an investigation into the cause of an unexpected death
  5. unacquisitive not acquisitive
  6. iniquity absence of moral or spiritual values
  7. iniquitously in an iniquitous manner
  8. air castle absentminded dreaming while awake
  9. uncousinly not befitting a cousin
  10. writing style a style of expressing yourself in writing
  11. uninquisitive not inquiring
  12. Newcastle a port city in northeastern England on the River Tyne
  13. unique the single one of its kind
  14. anxiously with anxiety or apprehension
  15. unexcitable not easily excited
  16. inquisitively with curiosity
  17. pancake-style cooked as pancakes are cooked
  18. uniquely so as to be unique
  19. inquisitor a questioner who is excessively harsh
  20. inexorable impossible to prevent, resist, or stop