Use the adjective uninvolved to describe someone who is emotionally distant or detached. If you are working with children, you may try to remain emotionally uninvolved, but kids have a way of worming into your heart when you least expect it.

Uninvolved also simply means "not involved," "not affected," or "not associated with." There are so many interesting after-school activities that you need not remain uninvolved; there really is something for every taste. You can join a sports team or marching band, art club or Future Farmers of America, or even math club or drama.

Definitions of uninvolved

adj not involved

“being uninvolved he remained objective”
not occupied or engaged with
connected by participation or association or use
active, participating
taking part in an activity
caught up
having become involved involuntarily
concerned, interested
involved in or affected by or having a claim to or share in
embroiled, entangled
deeply involved especially in something complicated
involved in military hostilities
complicit, concerned, implicated
culpably involved
neck-deep, up to her neck, up to his neck, up to my neck, up to our necks, up to their necks, up to your neck
deeply involved
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adj showing lack of emotional involvement

“an uninvolved bystander”
degage, detached
lacking in interest or care or feeling

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