Something that's unexplained isn't known or made clear, like an unexplained creaking sound coming from the attic of your grandparents' creepy house.

Anything without a clear reason for happening or existing is unexplained, whether it's the mysterious crack in the kitchen window or some lines of movie dialogue spoken in a language you don't understand (and without subtitles). When you explain something, you describe what it is, how it works, or why it exists — and then it's explained. Add the prefix un-, meaning "not," and you get unexplained.

Definitions of unexplained
  1. adjective
    not explained
    “accomplished by some unexplained process”
    not yet having been ascertained or determined
  2. adjective
    having the reason or cause not made clear
    “an unexplained error”
    incomprehensible, inexplicable
    incapable of being explained or accounted for
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