If something is uncontroversial it won't cause disagreement, conflict, or controversy. People who actually like to argue might think uncontroversial means "kinda boring."

You've probably figured out that the root of the word uncontroversial is controversy, which means "causing strife or public disagreement." It's surprising when local or national government decisions are uncontroversial, because there are usually at least a few dissenters for every issue. If you're a passive person who doesn't like confrontation, you probably hope that everything you say is uncontroversial.

Definitions of uncontroversial

adj not likely to arouse controversy

not open to challenge
unchallenged, undisputed, unquestioned
generally agreed upon; not subject to dispute
agreed upon, stipulatory
constituted or contracted by stipulation or agreement
marked by or capable of arousing controversy
arguable, debatable, disputable, moot
open to argument or debate
involving or likely to cause controversy
subject to disagreement and debate
polemic, polemical
of or involving dispute or controversy
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