Uncleanliness is a state of being grubby, filthy, grimy, or otherwise dirty. If you don't tidy up your room, your parents will give you a hard time about its uncleanliness.

If conditions are generally less than clean, that's uncleanliness. You can use this noun to talk about your friend's filthy car or the family dog after she's been wading in mud: "Sadie's uncleanliness means we're going to have to hose her off before we take her to the vet." Clean is at the heart of uncleanliness, from the Old English root clæne, "free from dirt or filth."

Definitions of uncleanliness
  1. noun
    lack of cleanly habits
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    diligence in keeping clean
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    habitual uncleanliness
    messiness, untidiness
    the trait of being untidy and messy
    slatternliness, sluttishness
    in the manner of a slattern
    disarray, disorderliness
    untidiness (especially of clothing and appearance)
    type of:
    a distinguishing feature of your personal nature
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