If something is officially not approved, it's unauthorized. An unauthorized biography is written without the consent or cooperation of its subject.

If a person lacks the authority to do something, you can describe them as unauthorized: "Sorry, I'm unauthorized to let you into the secret clubhouse." Otherwise, this adjective means "not permitted." Many unauthorized things are also illegal, like an online company's unauthorized use of personal information. To authorize is to give approval.

Definitions of unauthorized
  1. adjective
    without official authorization
    “an unauthorized strike”
    synonyms: unauthorised, wildcat
    not having official authority or sanction
  2. adjective
    not endowed with authority
    synonyms: unauthorised
    designated or chosen by yourself
    unaccredited, unlicenced, unlicensed
    lacking official approval
    of marriages and offspring; not recognized as lawful
    not having official authority or sanction
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    authorised, authorized
    endowed with authority
    accredited, commissioned, licenced, licensed
    given official approval to act
    approved, sanctioned
    established by authority; given authoritative approval
    canonised, canonized, glorified
    accorded sacrosanct or authoritative standing
    empowered, sceptered, sceptred
    invested with legal power or official authority especially as symbolized by having a scepter
    conformable to or allowed by law
    of marriages and offspring; recognized as lawful
    having official authority or sanction
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