When someone is unapproachable, you won’t feel comfortable going up to the person and starting a conversation. If a place is unapproachable, it’s really hard to get there.

You’ll notice the word approach is in unapproachable. Approach means “move toward” or “go up to.” When something or someone is unapproachable, that thing or person is hard to get close to. When a place is unapproachable, it’s probably remote or difficult to reach, like a fortress at the top of a cliff. When a person is unapproachable, he or she probably seems unfriendly.

Definitions of unapproachable

adj discouraging intimacies; reserved

“an unapproachable executive”
offish, standoffish
lacking cordiality; unfriendly
easy to meet or converse or do business with
easy to get along with or talk to; friendly
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adj inaccessibly located or situated

“an unapproachable chalet high in the mountains”
out of reach, unreachable, unreached
inaccessible, unaccessible
capable of being reached only with great difficulty or not at all

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