If you're unacquainted with someone, the two of you have never met. If you and your next-door neighbor are unacquainted, it would be friendly to introduce yourself.

When people are unacquainted, they don't know each other, and if you're unacquainted with something, it's completely unfamiliar to you. So if your best friend is unacquainted with the music of your favorite band, you might decide to buy her a concert ticket, so she can become familiar (or acquainted) with their music. The Latin root, accognoscere, means "know well."

Definitions of unacquainted
  1. adjective
    not knowledgeable about something specified
    “a person unacquainted with our customs”
    synonyms: innocent
    not informed; lacking in knowledge or information
  2. adjective
    having little or no knowledge of
    unacquainted with city ways”
    synonyms: unacquainted with, unfamiliar with
    not known or well known
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