A turbine is a device used to generate energy as a flowing liquid causes a bladed rotor to move around. A water wheel is a turbine.

There are many ways we get energy, such as fossil fuels and solar power. Another is a gadget called a turbine. A turbine uses the power of water (or another liquid) to move a wheel, generating energy. A windmill is also an example of a turbine, though it uses wind instead of liquid. Other turbines use gas or steam to generate energy. Ever since the 1800s, engineers have used many sorts of turbines to help satisfy our ever-increasing energy needs.

Definitions of turbine
  1. noun
    rotary engine in which the kinetic energy of a moving fluid is converted into mechanical energy by causing a bladed rotor to rotate
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    gas turbine
    turbine that converts the chemical energy of a liquid fuel into mechanical energy by internal combustion; gaseous products of the fuel (which is burned in compressed air) are expanded through a turbine
    hydroelectric turbine
    turbine consisting of a large and efficient version of a water wheel used to drive an electric generator
    impulse turbine
    a turbine that is driven by jets direct against the blades
    reaction turbine
    a turbine with blades arranged to develop torque from gradual decrease of steam pressure from inlet to exhaust
    steam turbine
    turbine in which steam strikes blades and makes them turn
    wind turbine
    a turbine that is driven by the wind
    Francis turbine
    a type of hydroelectric turbine
    type of:
    rotary engine
    an internal-combustion engine in which power is transmitted directly to rotating components
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