Tuition is a fee paid for instruction or teaching, usually for higher education. Many students need to get part-time jobs to pay their college tuition.

The word tuition comes from the Anglo-French word tuycioun, meaning "protection, care, custody." Some people say college protects you from the "real world," at least while you are in school, but tuition is a reality all students face. Tuition can describe any payment made for instruction, however, even for a knitting class. That tuition can probably be covered without student loans or scholarships, though.

Definitions of tuition

n a fee paid for instruction (especially for higher education)

tuition and room and board were more than $25,000”
tuition fee
Type of:
a fixed charge for a privilege or for professional services

n teaching pupils individually (usually by a tutor hired privately)

tutelage, tutorship
Type of:
instruction, pedagogy, teaching
the profession of a teacher

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