Something that is trivial is not important or significant, such as the trivial details you shared with me about your trip to the post office this morning.

Trivial can also describe something that isn't deep or meaningful, like a trivial movie that you'll forget about after the credits roll. It comes from the Latin word trivium: tri means "three" and via is "road." So a trivium is a "place where three roads meet," meaning a crossroads — just something ordinary. So something that is trivial is not worth remembering; it just isn't important.

Definitions of trivial

adj (informal) small and of little importance

adj of little substance or significance

“only trivial objections”
insignificant, unimportant
devoid of importance, meaning, or force

adj concerned with trivialities

“a trivial young woman”
“a trivial mind”
not serious in content or attitude or behavior

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