Treachery is trickery, cheating, and deceit, like the treachery of your former friend who only stuck around until he stole your girlfriend and turned the whole grade against you.

The noun treachery comes from the Old French word trechier, β€œto cheat.” Many a corrupt government or dictator has been accused of treachery: deceiving the people and abusing their trust. Greed is a common cause of treachery β€” with the promise of wealth, people can be tempted to betray their country and even their loved ones, as new celebrities find out when their best friends sell embarrassing secrets to the tabloids.

Definitions of treachery

n an act of deliberate betrayal

betrayal, perfidy, treason
double cross, double-crossing
an act of betrayal
an act of betrayal
Type of:
dishonesty, knavery
lack of honesty; acts of lying or cheating or stealing

n betrayal of a trust

perfidiousness, perfidy
the quality of being designed to entrap
Type of:
the quality of being disloyal

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