A transfusion is when doctors put blood into a patient's vein. An accident victim might need a transfusion if he's lost blood.

Besides accidents, there are other medical conditions that require blood transfusions, such as heart disease and some kinds of surgery. The blood a patient receives during a transfusion usually comes from donations given by healthy people. You can use the noun transfusion for any transfer of liquid, like the pouring of lemonade from a glass pitcher to a plastic one, though it's most often used to describe the medical procedure.

Definitions of transfusion
  1. noun
    the introduction of blood or blood plasma into a vein or artery
    synonyms: blood transfusion
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    exchange transfusion
    slow removal of a person's blood and its replacement with equal amounts of a donor's blood
    type of:
    insertion, introduction, intromission
    the act of putting one thing into another
  2. noun
    the action of pouring a liquid from one vessel to another
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    the act of gently pouring off a clear liquor (as from its original bottle) without disturbing the lees
    type of:
    something done (usually as opposed to something said)
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