If you stay on your current trajectory of constant shopping, dining out, and yacht rentals, you'll end up broke. A trajectory is the path of an object through space, or the path of life that a person chooses.

Trajectory comes from the Latin trajectoria, which means "throw across." The prefix tra- is short for trans-, which means "across" (think transport and transit) and the ject comes from jacere, which means "throw" and is also the root of the word jet. If you wanted to describe the path of a jet through the sky, you could refer to the jet's trajectory.

Definitions of trajectory
  1. noun
    the path followed by an object moving through space
    synonyms: flight
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    ballistic trajectory, ballistics
    the trajectory of an object in free flight
    (spaceflight) a trajectory that passes close to a planetary body in order to gain energy from its gravitational field
    type of:
    mechanical phenomenon
    a physical phenomenon associated with the equilibrium or motion of objects
  2. noun
    a connected series of events or actions or developments
    synonyms: course, line
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    current, flow, stream
    dominant course (suggestive of running water) of successive events or ideas
    type of:
    similar things placed in order or happening one after another
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