1. transgression the violation of a law or a duty or moral principle
  2. training school a school providing practical vocational and technical training
  3. growing season the season during which a crop grows best
  4. training ship a ship used to train students as sailors
  5. transmission communication by means of sent signals
  6. dressing station (military) a station located near a combat area for giving first aid to the wounded
  7. rainy season one of the two seasons in tropical climates
  8. training college a school providing training for a special field or profession
  9. hunting season the season during which it is legal to kill a particular species
  10. training table planned meals for athletes in training
  11. fishing season the season during which it is legal to catch fish
  12. drinking song a song celebrating the joys of drinking
  13. turn of expression a distinctive spoken or written expression
  14. practice session systematic training by multiple repetitions
  15. training activity leading to skilled behavior
  16. string section the section of an orchestra that plays stringed instruments
  17. nonaggression a policy of not initiating hostilities
  18. draining board a board beside a kitchen sink and inclined to drain into the sink
  19. drinking straw a thin paper or plastic tube used to suck liquids into the mouth
  20. warning signal an automatic signal (usually a sound) warning of danger