Traditional can describe anything that follows tradition, or a usual way of doing things. Traditional Mexican food includes tortillas and beans. A bag of corn chips with chili and fake cheese sauce, on the other hand, is not traditional.

A tradition can be personal or national, and the adjective traditional has tons of uses. Traditional football might require a brown pigskin ball or a white soccer ball, depending on where you live. Your traditional national costume could be a sari, while your friend's is a kimono. And that walking taco? It's traditional carnival food for some.

Definitions of traditional

adj consisting of or derived from tradition

traditional history”
traditional morality”
in accord with or being a tradition or practice accepted from the past
handed-down, tralatitious
having been passed along from generation to generation
adhering to tradition especially in cultural or religious practices
nontraditional, untraditional
not conforming to or in accord with tradition

adj pertaining to time-honored orthodox doctrines

“the simple security of traditional assumptions has vanished”
adhering to what is commonly accepted

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