1. thwartwise extending or lying across
  2. Edwards American theologian whose sermons and writings stimulated a period of renewed interest in religion in America (1703-1758)
  3. tortoise a land turtle with clawed limbs
  4. thwart hinder or prevent, as an effort, plan, or desire
  5. Turdus type genus of the Turdidae
  6. boards the stage of a theater
  7. downwards spatially or metaphorically from a higher to a lower level or position
  8. leotards skintight knit hose covering the body from the waist to the feet worn by acrobats and dancers and as stockings by women and girls
  9. outwards toward the outside
  10. stewardess a woman steward on an airplane
  11. southwards toward the south
  12. tardy after the expected or usual time
  13. seawards in the direction of the sea
  14. sidewards toward one side
  15. cowardice the trait of lacking courage
  16. words language that is spoken or written
  17. thwarted disappointingly unsuccessful
  18. cords cotton trousers made of corduroy cloth
  19. cards a game played with playing cards
  20. forwards at or to or toward the front