Tourism is the travel business — it caters to people who are visiting a place. Tourism turns a destination into a vacation spot. Tourism is also a word for the act of traveling, especially abroad. Fanny packs are not required.

If you’re visiting a new place, stop by the office of tourism and they’ll give you the lowdown on the local hotspots. If you’ve visited somewhere because it has beautiful sights, great museums, or interesting history, you were a tourist. Tourism is the business that makes money from tourists. As the word implies, tourism often involves actual tours, which could be on foot, in a bus, or even on the back of a llama.

Definitions of tourism

n the business of providing services to tourists

Tourism is a major business in Bermuda”
tourism to exotic or threatened ecosystems to observe wildlife or to help preserve nature
Type of:
business, business enterprise, commercial enterprise
the activity of providing goods and services involving financial and commercial and industrial aspects

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